Caution: These may be out of date.  Contact Keri for most updated versions.  Articles in peer-reviewed journal articles that reported the method and would be appropriate for citation are listed below each SOP.

ASE Extraction and Cleanup of PCBs in Air Samples Collected With Polyurethane Foam (PUF), Amberlite® XAD-2 Resin, and Quartz Fiber Filters


Extraction and clean-up of total PCBs and OH-PCBs in human serum


ASE extraction and clean-up of PCBs in sediment and soil


Extraction of PCBs in porewater


Co-extraction and Clean-up of PCBs and OH-PCBs in Sediment using ASE


Co-extraction and Clean-up of PCBs and OH-PCBs in PUF


Extraction and Instrument Analysis of Siloxanes from Cartridge


Cleaning polyurethane foam (PUF) using the Dionex ASE 350 Accelerated Solvent Extraction System


Extraction and FMS automated clean-up of PCBs in human serum 


Extraction and cleanup of PCBs from water samples in Amberlite® XAD-2 Resin