AC Projects with Priority Plans

General Title Collaborator Timeline
PCB 95 and metabolites in mice Li, Lehmler 2021-2022
PCBs and metabolites in mice Li, Lehmler 2021-2022
PCBs in air of urban and rural homes and schools Thorne 2021-2022
Personal passive sampler development Martinez, Thorne 2021-2022
Construction and environmental sources to air in urban homes near contaminated waterway Marek, Martinez, Thorne 2017-2022
PCB emissions profiles Hornbuckle 2021-2022
Siloxanes Stanier 2020-2023
Nanofiber mats passive sampler development Martinez, Cwiertny 2019-2022
PCBs in schools in India Hornbuckle 2019-2023
Biofilm-coated black carbon for remediating contaminated sediment Mattes, Schnoor 2020-2022
PCB mixtures Li, Lehmler 2019-2024
PCBs and OH-PCBs for human microsome metabolism Li, Lehmler 2020-2022
PCBs and OH-PCBs in human brain Li, Lehmler 2020-2022